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Chris Lewis

Chris Lewis, VIRSIG’s mid-Atlantic Account Executive, founded,  operates, and supports the Vets to Drones program which is designed to prepare military and first responder veterans to enter the commercial UAS industry and transition into civilian life. Chris says:


“The commercial drone industry possesses opportunities that particularly cater to the skillsets veterans bring to the civilian workforce; Vets to Drones is prepared to help each and every veteran make this transition. We are a tribe of veterans who have flown UAS commercially and within the DoD since 2001. Our team's experience spans every military branch, every combat zone and across most UAS platforms that have been seen either down range or in commercial markets. Each phase of our course is designed to educate new UAS pilots in the craft of UAS operations, while simultaneously building the sense of community we desire outside of uniform. Our forward-thinking community not only gives veterans opportunities to find gainful employment in the commercial sector, but also enables us to look forward towards a brighter future for America through UAS technology.”


If you are a veteran, or know a veteran who is interested, learn more here:





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