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Remembering Harry Lockhead

In keeping with VIRSIG’s ideal which believes in remembering those that have defended and protected our great nation, we’d like to share the story of Harry Lockhead.


Like many of VIRSIG’s employees who assist with charities or volunteer in their communities, Brian Valenza (VIRSIG’s CEO) often participates in swim events which strive to build national awareness of the Naval Special Warfare community and support the Navy SEAL Foundation (NSF) whose mission is to provide immediate and ongoing support and assistance to the Naval Special Warfare community and their families.

On January 16, 2022, in Tampa, Florida at a charity NSF swim event, Brian was introduced to a man who had an amazing life, his name was Harry Lockhead; Harry shared his personal story with Brian, and that included telling him about the role he played during WWII. Among the many places Harry served was on the island of Tarawa where a fierce battle was fought by the US Marine Corps against the Japanese. There, Harry served as an Underwater Demolition Team (UDT) frogman, conducting underwater reconnaissance, and used explosives to destroy enemy sea obstacles which hindered the Marines from landing on the beach.

Harry continued to serve until the end of the war, and participated in the final Allied plan to occupy Japan. During this period, in August of 1945, a Japanese officer surrendered the island of Hokkaido to Harry and UDT 20.

The UDT teams would later be designated as SEAL teams. Brian's experience with Harry was short but meaningful. Sadly, less than 3 weeks after Brian met him, Harry passed away. The conversation Brian had with Harry was meaningful and memorable and for that reason we have posted this page to educate others on this American hero.


You can learn more about Harry and his experiences in the videos on this page.


Harry with Hayley and Brian Valenza in Tampa January 2022


Videos with Harry Lockhead

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